» Windows Restart Provisioner

Type: windows-restart

The Windows restart provisioner initiates a reboot on a Windows machine and waits for the machine to come back online.

The Windows provisioning process often requires multiple reboots, and this provisioner helps to ease that process.

Packer expects the machine to be ready to continue provisioning after it reboots. Packer detects that the reboot has completed by making an RPC call through the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service, not by ACPI functions, so Windows must be completely booted in order to continue.

» Basic Example

The example below is fully functional.

  "type": "windows-restart"

» Configuration Reference

The reference of available configuration options is listed below.

Optional parameters:

  • restart_command (string) - The command to execute to initiate the restart. By default this is shutdown /r /f /t 0 /c "packer restart".

  • restart_check_command (string) - A command to execute to check if the restart succeeded. This will be done in a loop. Example usage:

      "type": "windows-restart",
      "restart_check_command": "powershell -command \"& {Write-Output 'restarted.'}\""
  • restart_timeout (string) - The timeout to wait for the restart. By default this is 5 minutes. Example value: 5m. If you are installing updates or have a lot of startup services, you will probably need to increase this duration.