» Docker Import Post-Processor

Type: docker-import

The Packer Docker import post-processor takes an artifact from the docker builder and imports it with Docker locally. This allows you to apply a repository and tag to the image and lets you use the other Docker post-processors such as docker-push to push the image to a registry.

» Configuration

The configuration for this post-processor only requires a repository, a tag is optional.

  • repository (string) - The repository of the imported image.

  • tag (string) - The tag for the imported image. By default this is not set.

» Example

An example is shown below, showing only the post-processor configuration:

  "type": "docker-import",
  "repository": "hashicorp/packer",
  "tag": "0.7"

This example would take the image created by the Docker builder and import it into the local Docker process with a name of hashicorp/packer:0.7.

Following this, you can use the docker-push post-processor to push it to a registry, if you want.