» 1&1 Builder

Type: oneandone

The 1&1 Builder is able to create virtual machines for 1&1.

» Configuration Reference

There are many configuration options available for the builder. They are segmented below into two categories: required and optional parameters. Within each category, the available configuration keys are alphabetized.

In addition to the options listed here, a communicator can be configured for this builder.

» Required

  • source_image_name (string) - 1&1 Server Appliance name of type IMAGE.

  • token (string) - 1&1 REST API Token. This can be specified via environment variable ONEANDONE_TOKEN

» Optional

  • data_center_name - Name of virtual data center. Possible values "ES", "US", "GB", "DE". Default value "US"

  • disk_size (string) - Amount of disk space for this image in GB. Defaults to "50"

  • image_name (string) - Resulting image. If "image_name" is not provided Packer will generate it

  • retries (number) - Number of retries Packer will make status requests while waiting for the build to complete. Default value "600".

  • url (string) - Endpoint for the 1&1 REST API. Default URL "https://cloudpanel-api.1and1.com/v1"

» Example

Here is a basic example:

      "ssh_username" :"root",
      "ssh_private_key_file" : "/path/to/private/ssh/key"